Pricing for Sod-SMt controllers

1-packet panel control switch, Sod-1-SMt 415.00PLN + 23%VAT
2-packet panel control switch, Sod-2-SMt 440.00PLN + 23%VAT
3-packet panel control switch, Sod-3-SMt 465.00PLN + 23%VAT
4-packet panel control switch, Sod-4-SMt 490.00PLN + 23%VAT
5-packet panel control switch, Sod-5-SMt 515.00PLN + 23%VAT
6-packet panel control switch, Sod-6-SMt 540.00PLN + 23%VAT
7-packet panel control switch, Sod-7-SMt 565.00PLN + 23%VAT
8-packet panel control switch, Sod-8-SMt 590.00PLN + 23%VAT
Each additional packet 25.00PLN + 23%VAT


Pricing for discrepancy switches Sod-KMt

1-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-1-KMt 415.00PLN + 23%VAT
2-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-2-KMt 440.00PLN + 23%VAT
3-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-3-KMt 465.00PLN + 23%VAT
4-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-4-KMt 490.00PLN + 23%VAT
5-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-5-KMt 515.00PLN + 23%VAT
6-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-6-KMt 540.00PLN + 23%VAT
7-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-7-KMt 565.00PLN + 23%VAT
8-packet panel discrepancy switch, Sod-8-KMt 590.00PLN + 23%VAT
Each additional packet 25.00PLN + 23%VAT


Pricing for switches with a fixed knob RS-PMt

1-packet panel switch RS-1-PMt 115.00PLN + 23%VAT
2-packet panel switch RS-2-PMt 140.00PLN + 23%VAT
3-packet panel switch RS-3-PMt 165.00PLN + 23%VAT
4-packet panel switch RS-4-PMt 190.00PLN + 23%VAT
5-packet panel switch RS-5-PMt 215.00PLN + 23%VAT
6-packet panel switch RS-6-PMt 240.00PLN + 23%VAT
7-packet panel switch RS-7-PMt 265.00PLN + 23%VAT
8-packet panel switch RS-8-PMt 290.00PLN + 23%VAT
Each additional packet 25.00PLN + 23%VAT


Pricing for switches with a removable knob RS-PMt/p.o.

1-packet panel switch RS-1-PMt/p.o. 185.00PLN + 23%VAT
2-packet panel switch RS-2-PMt/p.o. 210.00PLN + 23%VAT
3-packet panel switch RS-3-PMt/p.o. 235.00PLN + 23%VAT
4-packet panel switch RS-4-PMt/p.o. 260.00PLN + 23%VAT
5-packet panel switch RS-5-PMt/p.o. 285.00PLN + 23%VAT
6-packet panel switch RS-6-PMt/p.o. 310.00PLN + 23%VAT
7-packet panel switch RS-7-PMt/p.o. 335.00PLN + 23%VAT
8-packet panel switch RS-8-PMt/p.o. 360.00PLN + 23%VAT
Each additional packet 25.00PLN + 23%VAT



Casing OS-IP20 25.00PLN + 23%VAT


The manufacturer reserves the right to increase the prices for non-standard designs by up to 20%.


24-month warranty for all products (+7% of the price for each subsequent year – for the maximum of 5 years)